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Uplifting Children to Believe they can learn. they are important.  they can be successful. they have opportunities.

Spring Break will be April 3-7, 2023


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Our Values

Our School's Creed

  • I Am a student,seeking to be a Scholar. The standard is excellence today and tomorrow.
  • I Am disciplined focused and on time.
  • I Am organized, respectful and responsible.
  • I Am on a mission, to elevate myself, my family my community and humanity.
  • I Am Urban Prep Academy.
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What Makes Us Different

"The goal when we started UPA was to offer students of low-income families and working-class families an opportunity to attend a private school where they could get caught up on grade level and succeed."

Pastor Wade Moore Jr.
Founder & Dean


We exist to provide educational opportunities serving children from low-income and working-class families who choose and alternate route in the children’s educational journey.


Our mission is to provide students with a world-class school that gives students the knowledge, skills, character, and disposition to meet and exceed Kansas State Common Core Learning Standards, and prepares students for college and career. We will be a leading example of education in our community by becoming the first school of choice. We will grow a grade level each year until we reach 12th grade.


Our goal is to build students’ intellectual character, motivating them to think critically, creatively, and reflectively in an environment infused with community empowerment. Our instructional methods, educational philosophy and mission are carefully aligned to promote high academic achievement. We will partner with families and community organizations to help students develop the necessary skills to navigate the path to academic and career success.

How We Are Changing Education

We create an environment that prepares children for the world ahead.

We care about the student in the classroom and outside the classroom. We believe in developing character in an environment that is charged with excitement to learn and grow.

Morning Motivation

We create excitement and community every morning when the entire school comes together to listen to devotional studies and inspirational speakers.

Assessment Testing

Each student participates in monthly assessment testing. These tests allow us to tailor curriculums so that students can grow and thrive.

Entrepreneurship/ Financial Literacy Program

We offer a course to all students that focuses on teaching students how to budget, invest, create business plans, apply for business licenses and have opportunities to interact and learn from local businesses.

Sports Program

We believe sports are a great tool to develop soft skills like hard work, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, and communication. All students are required to participate in our sports program no matter their fitness level.

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What Our Parents Have to Say

I’m very impressed with the students and staff at the academy. It is a very friendly and encouraging environment. I see great futures ahead for these students. I only wish that I could have had the opportunity to learn in a school that encouraged entrepreneurship... image where I might be now!

-Debra Lynn Washington

I love that we made the switch from traditional public school this school year. My children love going to school. They motivate, and pray every morning before my kids go to their classrooms. Urban Prep is an amazing school!

-Tina Graham

UPAcademy is more than just a school. They have become our family. Not only did they welcome and teach my daughter, my husband and I also felt very welcome. I LOVE URBAN PREP ACADEMY! Higher Learning Earlier!

-Melonie Dunn


What's New With UP

Annual School Choice Rally

See how our school is helping to change laws in Kansas to offer school choice to all. 

Ways You Can Support UP!


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As you might imagine with a school bustling with activity, many opportunities for volunteerism abound, and we deeply appreciate the help.