Our Focus

Making Your Child’s World Better

K - 8 School

We offer classes for Pre-K through 8th grade. Our current class ratio is 1:15.

Neurodivergent Program

With our learning intervention course, we can accommodate neurodivergent needs.

Learning Gap Program

We can also assist children with learning gaps in our learning intervention course.

What we Offer

Higher Learning Earlier

We prepare and empower our children with the necessary skill sets they need to function in a rapidly changing world.


We utilize the Singapore Math curriculum to help our children thrive in math.

Language & Arts

We utilize the Journey's curriculum for our language arts courses.


We utilize the standard science curriculum.

History & Social Studies

We utilize the standard social studies curriculum.


We require all students to participate in sports. Outside of in-school sports, we offer tackle football and cheerleading opportunities in the Mid-States League with 49 participating schools.

Entrepreneurship/ Financial Literacy

All students take a course to develop financial literacy. Students learn how to budget, invest, create business plans, apply for a business license, and interact with local business owners.

Intervention Learning Program

Our intervention courses are offered to students with learning gaps or neurodivergent needs.

Assessment Testing

The student is assessed in all learning areas and will get tailored curriculums to accommodate their learning needs.

Student Success Story

Nicholas Nelson- 8th Grade

Nicholas came to UPA when he was in first grade. He was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD and was struggling to focus in classroom settings. He described his experience in a public school classroom as feeling like he was in a barrel and that all the students and noises within the large classroom, made it difficult for him to focus and learn. His Mother brought him to UPA looking for an environment that would give him the ability to learn and thrive despite his disabilities. Nicholas is now in 8th grade and is one of the students excelling at UPA. He is not only grasping the material and learning per his grade level, but he is also a published author. He credits his success to the intervention learning class that fostered an environment where he was excited to learn and given the support he needed to excel. Nicholas is now upping his game with education and we see amazing things in his future. 

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What Our Parents Have to Say

My daughter loves school again. For the 1st time since she started I'm not worried about her at school. I've been here several times and I'm glad my husband and I made the sacrifice to send her to UP Academy. Her lil brother will be there as well. Great job UP Academy!!!!

-Lise Hersey Smith

This is an excellent school for your children to attend....... My daughter has learned so much this school year.

-Sonja Riley-Burton

I'm 100% in support of what's happening at Urban Prep! This will be our kids first year attending and I believe my wife and I are more excited than the kids are.

-Bryce Graham

Enrollment Process

Apply today in 4 easy steps.

Print Enrollment Packet

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Give Packet to Front Office

Deliver the completed enrollment packet to the secretary in the front office.

Meet with Dean

The parent, child, and dean will meet to assess the child's needs.

Schedule Assessment

Schedule an assessment by emailing the Principal at

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